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Rescued dogs!

Over the past few years we have helped to rescue several Bostons. Including Buddy who was not being properly cared for, and Jiggs who had one of the worst lives imaginable.



July 14, 1997 -May 6, 2009

Sadly on May 6th 2009 Buddy died tragically while having teeth removed at the vets office. His loss was almost more than my cousin could bare. Buddy was brought back to our farm and laid to rest with many generations of dogs whom we have loved over the past 50+ years.


This is Buddy (better known as sausage dog now, thanks to my cousin). He bagan life as a well loved pet to a gentleman who was wheelchair bound. Or at least thats what he was bought as a puppy for. When he got to be 8 lbs. they decided that he was too "BIG" to be a lap dog and put him outside in a dog run. He lived there for the next year and a half befor they decided to sell him. Well I just happened to see the add and call about him. 2 nights later we went to see him and I couldnt leave him there. I talked my dad into loaning me the money to "bail" him out, as she would not budge on the price. Buddy went to live with my cousin almost 2 years ago, and has been living "high on the hog" ever since. Those two are practically inseperable.



April 1996- Dec 13, 2005

Jo always looks like she is smiling. Jo-Jo actually had a family who truely loved and cared for her, they just couldnt keep her home. When their kids got old enough to go to school Jo and their other Boston were left home alone, and Jo didnt like it. She started running, first just to the neighbors, then down the block, and soon all over the small town she lived in. She was picked up on several occations by the local dog control and her owners had to pay a fine to get her back. After about 4 or 5 times the animal officer got tired of this and when they went to get Jo the last time she issued her owners a $500 ticket. Well her owners decided to find her a new home befor their court date. We had been taking our dog Rooby with us to get coffee at the local "coffee shack" in the mornings and one morning the lady asked us if we would like another "one of those dogs". We were not necisarily looking for one, but we had already placed several so we said sure. I gave the lady my card and about an hour later Jo's owner called and wanted me to come take a look at her. I took her home thinking of a friend who used to have BTs but they were on Vaccation for the next 2 weeks so she stayed with my grandpatents for that time. When my friend got home I went to get Jo and take her to visit my friend my grandpa said to me "But I thought you got her for me?" Well my grandpa is 83 years old so I decided that I would find another BT for my friend. She follows him all over the small 5 acre farm where we live. They do "chores" together and she has not ran away a single time since we have had her.



May 17, 1996- Oct 28, 2004

Gone but not forgotten!

Jiggs has with him what has to be one of the saddest stories that I have ever heard. He was SEVERLY abused befor he came to us. A customer from my shop brought him in as she had moved to a place that didnt allow dogs and was giving a 72 hour notice to get rid of the dog. She brought him by my shop one day and left him with me. By that evening he had bitten both me and my grandfather when we tried to make him "go to bed" in a crate. Over the course of the next few days he had also attacked our broom(whenever we tried to sweep) several newspapers (if you were just carrying it through the house) and a fly swatter. I was more than a little concerned, but he would play ball with my son and seemed to be a good dog most of the time, it was only when we tried to "make" him do something that he seemed to go "balistic". I was begining to have doubts as to wheather or not I would be able to do anything with him when his former owner called me one day to see how he was. I told her what had been happening and expresed my concern that we might not be able to keep him as we had all been bitten by him. It was only then that she told me the full story. Although she had gotten Jiggs as a puppy, her brother kept him for about a year when he was 2. It was after that that his bahavor changed and after some investigation she learned that her nephews had done some AWFUL! things to him. Among other things they had threw him in with their Bull, and chained him to an electric fence and turned it on. It was while they had him that he lost his eye and while they claimed a cat did it, with everything else that they did to the poor dog we cant help but think that they did something to his eye. Well after talking to his old owner I called my grandmother to tell her about what all had been done to him. I was almost in tears as I related his story. She said to me "Lorene we are keeping him. No matter what. We can work through all of this. He has suffered enough and he doesnt have to sleep in a crate, or be made to do things. He isnt a bad dog and we will just let him be." And so JIggs lived with us for almost 5 years. Even durring his time with us he seemed to be "accident prone". We had only had him about 6 months when his one good eye got scratched, and had to be sewn shut. He was dependent on us for everything for those 4 weeks and I think that helped a lot in getting him to realise that we were not going to hurt him. About 2 1/2 years ago he got ran over by the electric man (we have no proof but that was the only visitor to our farm that day. He broke one leg that required having a pen in it for almost 2 months and his hip on the opposite side had been dislocated(my vet told me later that it took 2 of them to get it back in place. $1200 later he only had a slight limp on the side that had been broken, but needed to be muzzeled at every vet visit. He had taken a major hatered of the nutria (a large rodent similar to a beaver, but with a rat like tail) that inhabit the creek and back of our farm and had taken it upon himself to rid our property of them. He spent many hours in the creek hunting them durring the summer. In Oct I went out one morning anf found him laying next to the live trap where my grandpa had caught one of the nutria. He didnt look like he had suffered in any way, he had just fallen over. We are convinced that he had a heart attack. After all that the poor guy had been through we felt that at least he died doing what he loved. We take heart in knowing that he at least got to know love, and acceptance durring his years with us.

Interested in a Rescued Boston?

We do get in adult rescued Bostons from time to time. If you think you might be interested in one please do let us know. These dogs often come house broken and have genereally been someones beloved pet, but are needing to be placed in a new home. Cases like Jiggs are actually a rarity. These loving dogs can range from young dogs to "Seniors" who are just looking for a nice warm lap. We will do our best to match you up with a Boston that will fit in with your lifestyle. If you think a "pre-loved" Boston might be right for you please do get in touch with us. Even if we dont have a dog available at the time we can put you in touch with either a rescue Organization or a breeder who does.

Please click on the link to "Oregon Boston Terrier Rescue" at the bottom of our "Available dogs" page.