Ta-Koda Boston Terrier's

The Ultimate Companion, and a Friend to All!

June-Dec 2017

In May Lyssa turned 9 years old and was finally able to show in Jrs. The Boston Terrier Club of Portland's June Specialty was her first show. She got a 1st in Novice Jrs with no competition. 
The following weekend at the Mt Bachelor Kennel Club shows she brought out George (Ch Widget's What I Like About U) and showed it was her first time out at an All Breed Show. She won the Novice class (this show has all Novice, Intermediate and Seniors in the same classes so either Novice or Open) 2 out of 3 days (Fri and Sun) and was 2nd in the Novice class the other day (Sat). Giving her 2 of the 3 wins with competition she needed to advance to Open Jrs. 
She also showed George in Breed winning BOB 2 out of 3 days.

We took the rest of the summer off but she came back out with a Bang in Sept. Winning the Novice Jr class on Sat at the Kelso/Longview Kennel club and advancing to the Open Jrs class on Sun. She also showed George in Breed winning Best of Breed both days at these shows. This gave George the final points he needed for his Grand Championship! With Lyssa putting over 1/2 of those Grand points on him.

She showed at the Eugene Kennel Club match on Fri Sept 8th winning Best Jr Handler in Match.
The following day she was 2nd in the Open Jr class on Sat and won the class on Sun.
She showed George to BOB and OH BOB on Sat and Select Dog on Sun.

At the Vancouver shows we anticipated a ring conflict both days so she switched dogs and showed Skye in Jrs. On Sat they were 4th in their class but she was able to run to bred and show George to a select. 

Her next shows were the Umpqua Kennel Club shows, known as the Wild River Cluster Nov 16-19
She and George had a FANTASTIC weekend.
Thurs they won their Open Jrs class, Were Best Op and Best Owner Handler then a Owner Handler Group 3
Fri they won their Open Jr class then Reserve Best Jr Handler. They won Best of Breed and Best Owner handler then a Owner Handler Group 4.
Sat they got 3rd in Open Jrs and Best Op 
Sun they were 2nd in Open Jrs and Select Dog. 

Dec 8 was the Boston Terrier Club of Portland Winter show and she and George were Best Jr Handler! They also were pulled out for a second look in breed but sadly didn't get in the ribbons. They looked so beautiful together and have come so far in such a short time! 
Dec 9th they were 3rd of 6 in Open Jrs 
Dec 10th they finished out the weekend and our last show of the year with another 3rd in their class with lots of great competition. 

Lyssa will end the year well into the Top 10 in Boston Terrier Junior Handlers. 

Lyssa and Keely win Costume Contest

My 2 FAVORITE Princesses!

Lyssa and Keely won the Childrens Costume Contest at the Silver Falls Fun Match, Sun Nov 6, 2011.

What a cute couple of Princesses they are!

Lyssa at Nationals 2011

The Boston Terrier National show was held in Reno Nevada in April 2011 and they had Pee Wee Handling so Lyssa and Skye showed 2 days. 
They had a great time and looked great. 
Lyssa also took Loopy in for the Parade of Title holders.
Lyssa and Kye, Kye as Lyssa calls her.
Here she is with Skye and Loopy.

Lyssa first Jr Handling

UKC shows offer what is called Pee-Wee handling. This class is for little ones 2-4 years of age. On Sun Aug 1 we entered Lyssa in the Pee-Wee classes at the Castle Rock UKC shows sponsored by the Cascade Pit Bull Terrier Club. Lyssa had a great time and they always make a BIG deal of the little handlers. Mom or Dad go in with the little ones to help control the dog. Lyssa showed Loopy and I held her up so that she could place Loopy's feet. Every one thought that was the cutest thing. Here are some picts that were taken that day by Lyssa's "Auntie Christa"

Princess Of The Puppies

Christa's Golden Puppies just LOVE Princess Lyssa!

They were all looking up at her like they just worshipped her! LOL. and of course she was just eating it up! and giggling and laughing the whole time.

Here she is with Loo, she had ate a Hot Dog and I think Loo was getting a taste!

Doggie Kisses!


MAN, these dog shows are hard work!!

As you can see here the dog shows wipe Lyssa out! LOL. This was taken in late summer 2009.

Lyssa at a year!

Here are some picts of Lyssa at 1 year old! What a pretty girl she is turning out to be! She loves all animals and is always in the thick of things.

DONT touch my Cake DADDY!!

Lyssa at 11 1/2 months

Here are a couple of picts of Lyssa right before her 1st birthday.

Lyssa at 10 months

Here are some picts of Lyssa at 10 months. She is growing up so fast!!


Lyssa and Hannah are featured on our main home page, but will post the pict again here. They are good buddies and she really loves the dogs. This was going to be our Christmas card this year however we didnt get it till 2 days befor so didnt get it in time to mail out to everyone.

Lyssa at 5 months

Little Miss Lyssa is now 5 months old!!!

3 1/2 month picts

Well little Lyssa is growing like a weed and is doing great! Here are some recent picts of her...

Annalyssa Helen Jones was born at 1:59 am on Fri May 23, 2008. Though she was 2 weeks early she weighed in at 7 lbs 14 oz and was 20 in long. We have no doubt a few years from now she will be giving the Pro's a run for their money in the ring! LOL.

more picts

Proud Daddy


Big Brother


Aunt T and Cousin BellDandy

Cousin and Great Grandpa