Ta-Koda Boston Terrier's

The Ultimate Companion, and a Friend to All!



This was our "foundation bitch" Crystal. She was Birdie and Hannah's mother. She is now living in Detroit, Or.

Crystal's First Litter

This litter was born on Valentines Day 2006. Birdie is still with us. The rest have gone to wonderful homes!

This girl was known as Fannie to us. She now lives in Salem, Or.

This is Koda. He went to Nebraska for a while, but came back to Oregon and now lives up near Hillsboro, Or.

I couldnt find an older pict of Chip, though I know I have one somewhere. Chip lives with a wonderful family near Portland.

This is little Jewel. Now known as Miss Beans. She lives in Portland area as well.

Crystal's Second Litter

Crystal's second litter was born on Oct 6, 2007. Hannah has stayed with us.

From Left to Right this is Handy (AKA Handsome), Hannah, Hagerty, Mouse (the little one), and Pearl.

Handy lives up in Seattle, Wa.

Hagerty lives near Lebanon, Or with an older couple who dont "do" computers.

Mouse (AKA Bella-Mouse) lives with a young couple in Corvallis, Or.

Pearl lives with a young family in the Portland area.



Shinner (Ch Sunglo's Moonshine By Flashpt, ROM) lived with us for almost 2 years. She was the mother of Kahn and Barkley.


Barkley was a Shinner/Doozer pup. He went to live in Nevada.


Hannah is Crystal's daughter from her second litter. She was the mother of 2 beautiful litters and is Keely's mother. She now lives with a wonderful young couple in the Corvallis area.

The Gun Boys

The Gun Boys were Hannah's first litter, Born May 29, 2009.

From left to right here are Colt, Remmington, and Winchester.

Colt stayed with us till he was 6 1/2 months old. Then made a trip to Wyoming, but is now living in Ontario, Or.

Remmington has been neutered and is in a lovely pet home in Eugene, Or.

Winchester, NKA Wyatt, lives in Central Cali and has a Shiba Inu as a house mate.

Matt/Kali pups Feb 2010

In Feb 2010 Matt and Kali produced a lovely litter of 5 pups.


This is Girl #3, now known as Daisy, with her new family from Vancouver, Wash

This is Boy #2, nka Zak with his new family from Albany, Or.

Boy #1 nka Gus has gone to Hillsboro, Or to live with his new family.

Girl #1 (Niki) now lives with a wonderful family in Canby.

Hannah/Justin 2010 litter

This is the puppy we called Pixie. She now is loved by a great family from Portland.